Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A confession - yet another blog

After having blogged on this platform and under this blog for several years, I've decided to start afresh with a newly minted , re-invented blog on Wordpress. I will slowly be migrating this blog to the new MUMBAI ON A HIGH.WORDPRESS.COM

This is because I found myself literally managing too many blogs, too many identities and too many accounts. I thought it easier to streamline my multiple identities rather than have individual blogs particularly two of which were almost similar but on different platforms.

I feel sad to leave behind chowmiaow which was my second blog and the longest running blog. I have been running a self hosted blog on my domain name but found that it didn't make much sense . So now I am going to self host MUMBAI ON A HIGH on the same domain name. Hopefully it will make my blog that much easier to find on the net.

I still have to figure out how to merge all my blogs into the one I have just launched so I will still be running this blog for a few more weeks.

Thank you my readers for your continued support and hope you become regular visitors to


Monday, 18 May 2015

Friends from the Blogosphere

"What do you do?"

"I blog"

"What is that?"

"Duh ? How dumb is that?"

Well, since that first experience of mine, lots of people know what blogging is and even my family now accept the fact that Blogging has replaced many activities in my life. I run four blogs and am now in the process of streamlining my blogs, my multiple internet identities and simplifying my life (or so I hope).

My long and lonely blogging journey has not been without its ups and downs: I've made several friends whom I've never met and come across many roadblocks. There are times when I don't know what to write, there are times when I don't know what to do with my blog. At times like this I've reached out to Corinne who runs a truly inspirational blog called EverydayGyaan. Corinne's blog is simple in its style and simple in its content. But it packs a punch. Unlike blogs that inspire, Corinne's blog is not preachy. It truly reaches out to the core issues that trouble all of us in everyday life and gives you the practical advice to go on. She sources her material from books that she reviews and shares inspirational quotes. She also hosts a platform WRITETRIBE  where she motivates you to write bravely. I have met several interesting bloggers who are members of the tribe and have enjoyed visiting their links which in turn have led me to many new ideas and thoughts. What I like about Corine's blog is that it is truly holistic and her views on life resonate with mine. I have met her just once very briefly,  but I sensed a kindred spirit, someone who has similar views on life, similar interests (food, travel) and an underlying sense of humour. I have personally reached out to her to help me sort my blogging issues and she has always been helpful. So Corinne, I salute you and thank you for making me WIN.

Another blogger who inspires me is Suranga Date whose blog KAIMHANTA I discovered purely by chance. I traced her back throught the Skywatch Friday blog hop that is hosted by Sylvia who acknowledged her headers to her blogger friend whose blog Kaimhanta intrigued me. I thought it was Japanese or some other exotic name till the penny dropped and I realised that we were talking the same language! I love Suranga's blog not only for its humour but also the anecdotes I can completely identify with, sharing the same cultural background. I also admire Suranga for taking up blogging on the other side of fifty, something my friends are most reluctant to, preferring instead to go to Aquaerobic classes, Bridge or lunches instead. So Suranga, I salute you for being an inspiration to all middle-aged bloggers who are scared to jump into the deep end and for showing the way !

Keerthika Singravel who I bumped into during a blogger meet turned out to be a case of never judging a book by its cover. Most young bloggers intimidate me with their expertise in blogging and their superior skills in navigating the internet. I was one of the seniormost people at the meet and Keerthika not only made eye contact but hung out with me the entire day. Keerthika not only maintains a very interesting blog WEALTHYMATTERS .but she actually responded to my call for help and came home to show me things on my own computer!!!  She opened my eyes to what blogging was really about - hits, views, ads and social networking. Frankly she actually set me on the path of streamlining my blog and her tips are invaluable. So thank you Keerthika for making me WIN.

THE BESPECTACLED MOTHER whose blog on parenting moves me with her simple observations of her now 4 year old boy. I find her book reviews particularly useful as I can keep up with the literary development of my own 2 year old grandson and bring him up to par with his peers rather than stay stuck in the stories of my childhood and those of his mother.

And the last blog that inspires me is So's Blog MEANDMYRUN whose dedication to her mind and body inspire me to put on my shoes and take the first step! I feel ashamed of my reluctance to walk every day, to do just 5 suryanamaskars when I read about her enthusiastic 10k runs and body twisting asanas  and actually move my butt after reading her posts.

I could go on and on and on about all those bloggers who inspire me, Sakshi Nanda, Shalini Nair Vidya Sury and so many others, many of whom are overseas. Blogging has opened up many new doors for me and presented me with opportunities to interact with diverse people making my life all the richer.

I’m blogging for #YouMakeMeWIN to honour a blogger who has influenced me and deserves to be nominated at WIN15

I am also posting this on Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge

Thursday, 14 May 2015



1. at the highest point of health, excellence, etc
2. at the topmost point
3. the best in quality
4. the topmost point
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

There's a wedding looming ahead in the family and I suddenly realised that none of my bangles fit so I decided to go to this shop called TipTop that specialises in artificial jewelry. Now I'm not really one for anything artificial be it jewelry or otherwise but this wedding is a destination wedding and I'm paranoid of carrying the real stuff so instead of making bigger bangles of real gold, I thought I'd go in for artificial bangles to match the saris I'll be wearing.

Tip Top is one of the many shops in Mumbai that sell artificial jewelry. This form of jewerly has beome so common now that even brides wear stuff to match their saris, keeping the heirloom jewelry to pass on to the next generation. Costume jewelry is now made with high quality material and with designs close to the traditional ones so that you can hardly tell the difference.

Tip Top  in the crowded locality of Girgaon is opposite the famous Ganesh Temple at Sikka Nagar and has two shops - one selling sets with necklaces and earrings to match while the other one concentrates only on bangles and bindis.

It is open from 11 am to 7.30 Monday through Saturday.
136 V P Road Sikka Nagar, Near Prarthana Samaj C P Tank, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400004
022 2381 0666

Most importantly, I forgot Tip Top's top tip:

To try out any bangle for size, loosely wrap your hand in a flimsy,slinky, silky hanky and slip them on effortlessly .
Easily beats the mess of wearing bangles with soapy hands! 

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